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Product info

Impregnated wood is treated with preservative to prolong its life in outdoor use. Service life of 20-25 years can be reached by using chemical compounds. Timber impregnation according to Nordic Wood Preservation Council standards prevents rotting, fungi, termites and marine organisms. Impregnation does not weaken the carrying capacity of the wood.

The class of impregnation is chosen to fill the requirements of the customer and policy of the target country. The most common pressure impregnation classes in domestic market are A and AB.

Class A is ideal for use in constructions in contact with water or the ground and in structures where safety is an important feature, for example bridges, poles and the basement floor of buildings.

Class AB is used in wooden constructions above ground level, such as fences, terrace decking and outdoor furniture.

Kestopuu® is a registered trademark for impregnated wood. Members of the Finnish Wood Preserving Association are permitted to use the kestopuu® -trademark in their products.